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Comprehension Test The Last Sherlock Holmes Story Michael Dibdin 1 Are these sentences true (T) or false (F)? a Holmes did not like A Study in Scarlet. b Holmes used cocaine when he was ill. c The murderer killed twice because he didn’t have time to cut up the first body. d The murders happened in quiet, dark, places. e Watson followed Holmes secretly because he thought Holmes was the killer. f Watson moved into a hotel because he was afraid of seeing Holmes again. g Moriarty was a real person. h In the glass jars Holmes kept pieces of the bodies he cut up. i Watson took the cocaine to keep him awake. j Back in London, Watson told everyone that Holmes was the killer. 20 marks 2 Put the following events in the story in the right order. Number them 1–5. a Watson pulled out a gun and shot Holmes. b At the last moment Holmes put down the knife and stepped off the path. c They took a walk to the Reichenbach Falls. d Holmes and Watson stopped at a hotel in Switzerland. e Holmes came towards Watson with a knife. 20 marks 3 Match a number from A with a letter from B to make complete sentences. A 1 The box that Dr Watson left in the bank ... 2 After ten years as a detective ... 3 Holmes told Watson to fetch Lestrade ... 4 When Watson woke up ... 5 On the path by the waterfall ... B a ... Holmes was unhappy and bored. b ... Watson told Holmes that he knew about the murders. c ... was not opened for fifty years. d ... he saw Holmes cutting up a body. e ... but Watson decided to follow him secretly. 20 marks 4 Fill in the gaps using these words: cocaine, bored, killer, intelligent, police, detective, easy, help, exciting, stupid. Sherlock Holmes became a

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