Shen Jueren Case Summary

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On March 19, 2001, Judicial Watch urged the U.S. District Court in Los Angeles to reject the plea agreement under which Bill Clinton’s friend James T. Riady and the Lippo Bank escaped with what was for them a slap on the wrist for their serious violations of campaign finance laws and other crimes. The pleading submitted by Judicial Watch is a clear and comprehensive summary of those crimes. It makes a persuasive case that the punishment agreed to by the Reno Justice Department and approved by the Ashcroft Justice Department does not come close to fitting the crimes and should have been set aside. The media coverage of this miscarriage of justice has been confined to reporting the judge’s acceptance of the plea agreement ? a fine of $8.6…show more content…
Riady’s more notable associates. These are people with whom Mr. Riady has maintained close and continuous contact over a period of several years, and with whom he has extensive business dealings and deep financial ties. Mr. Riady’s main business partner in China, is Shen Jueren. Shen Jueren is the head of China Resources Holding Company, an espionage front operation for the PRC government’s Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation. Shen has stated on different occasions that “China Resources is a state-owned company and all senior staff are government officials.” Shen has been a member of the Chinese Communist Party since 1955, and an officer of the Chinese Office of Foreign Trade since 1953. Since he has been a member of the Chinese Communist Party since 1955, the Court can conclude that his loyalty remains high to the national interests of the PRC. Shen Jueren met with former Vice-President Gore at a Santa Monica, Cal. fund-raiser on September 27, 1994. This is a further example of the insidious method in which Mr. Riady facilitated and ensured that Shen, his business partner and a Communist Chinese intelligence operative, had access to the former Vice President and close

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