Sheila Mant Essay

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Riley Chu Slagle English ¾ February 21, 2011 Sheila Mant Essay Although some think they can score a date with an attractive female, they usually do not have a chance at all simply due to them looking straight up ugly. For example, in “The Bass, the river, and Sheila Mant”, Sheila Mant is extremely conceited probably through her beauty which captures the attention of many males or even other females as well. Furthermore, Mant is proven spoiled on account of all the things she says and does not do. Plus, she has too much of a carefree attitude and is too “laid back” since everything she needs always ends up before her. Sheila Mant shows how she is conceited by showing off what other people said to her, especially when the narrator does not seem to care. “Katherine says I could get in there if I wanted,” states how Mant could easily gain entrance to a private party by using herself to seduce the students in the fraternity which shows her conceitedness. “Eric said I have the figure to model. I mean it might be a while before I get started and all.” Just because someone said she had the appearance to model, Mant assumed she could get a job as a model and that showed her exaggerated self-opinion of herself. In addition, Eric who complimented Mant could have only been trying to be pleasant to her. “I don’t like the responsibility of having a base.” She does not like to work a bit more to win and gives the job to someone else; spoiled! Plus, during the entire canoe ride with her and the narrator, Mant did not even once ever consider helping the narrator with all the back-breaking work. “My legs are sore. Are we there yet?” There is now way she could sore, primarily due to the fact that she did absolutely no physical work during the ride. In addition, after the concert Mant did not ever think of going home with the narrator even though it was at night where the
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