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Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee is the U.S. Representative for Texas's 18th district serving since 1995. The 18th district is mostly the inner city of Houston. She is also a member of the Democratic Party. Jackson Lee worked as an attorney and became chairperson of the Black Women Lawyers association and President of the Houston Lawyers Association. Sheila Jackson Lee was born on January 12, 1950 in Jamaica, New York. Sheila graduated from Yale University with honors receiving a B.A. in political science in 1972. She was a part of the first class of women to attend Yale. In 1975 she earned a J.D. from the University Of Virginia School Of Law. She has two children: Jason Lee, graduate of Harvard University, and Erica Lee, graduate of Duke University. Erica is currently in a runoff for a district position on the Harris County School Board in Houston, Texas. Jackson Lee is married to Dr. Elwyn Lee who is an administrator at the University of Houston Main Campus. After multiple attempts she became a municipal judge from 1987 to 1990 leading to winning an at large position for a seat on the Houston City Council. While on the city council, Jackson Lee helped pass a safety ordinance that required parents to keep their guns away from children. She also worked for expanded summer hours at city parks and…show more content…
At age 63 she still remains active and aware in the Houston area. From elementary to colleges all over, she aims to make sure every child has the chance to be successful. But not only does she focus on schools, she makes sure that the civilians are safe in fight of crime. After being called racists and all other kind of names, she has learned from her mistakes and continues to grow on improving the city. Sheila Jackson Lee will leave her mark of being the first Black Woman to serve for 18 plus years. She has earned her spot on the 100

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