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Hamdan Medical Award supports a research paper on improving the medical practices presented to children with Asthma in UAE Recently, a World Medical Journal, "Journal of Asthma & Allergy Educator", published the results of the study supported by Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Award for Medical Sciences entitled "Implementing Quality Improvement Intervention of Pediatric Asthma in Primary Health Care, Al Ain, UAE". The study aims at improving the standard of the healthcare services provided to children with Asthma at UAE primary healthcare centers through applying the clinical practices guidelines for the care of Asthma in pediatrics to reduce the rate of its incidence and severe attacks. The study was conducted by Dr. Anthony D. Revel in cooperation with Dr. Latifa Mohammed Al Ketbi, Director of Family Medicine Program, Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA). "The sample of the study included 153 children, from 6 to 15 years old, from seven primary healthcare centers in Al Ain namely Al Mezyad, Al Hilli, Oud Tawba, Al Neyadat, Zakher, Al Maqam, and Al Yahar. "Comparing the results of the intervention centres with the results of the control centres, the study has monitored a significant improvement in the knowledge of patients and their parents on the reasons and the trigger factors of Asthma", Dr. Latifa said. "Such Clinical Practices Guidelines included recommendations adapted from international guidelines evaluated by the researchers to check its suitability for UAE. The guidelines deal with actions that should be taken by doctors while following-up children with Asthma such as measuring the child’s exhaled breath on a regular basis and receiving a preventive drug after each Asthma attack according to the measurement of patients’ lung function", she added. "Also, the study examined the medical files of children with Asthma at these centers.

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