Sheep Brain Essay

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When I first saw the brain the first thing I noticed was the deep longitudinal fissure that divided the cerebrum in two halves: the left hemisphere and the right hemispheres. Also the surface of the brain was covered with large folds of tissue called gyri. The grooves between the gyri are sulci. The small rounded structure at the back of the brain, I noticed, was the cerebellum. Later, when I turned the brain over, the most prominent structure visible was the optical chiasma, where two optic nerves cross over each other. Towards the front of the brain the two olfactory bulbs were easily identifiable. Under the optic chiasma were bulges that indicated the pons and a long stem like structure that was the medulla oblongata. I made 2 cuts altogether using a scalpel. A midsagital cut – along the longitudinal fissure in the cerebrum and also continued the cut into the cerebellum and the medulla oblangata. This allowed me to separate the cerebrum into its left and right hemispheres. Laying one hemisphere aside I was also able to locate important structures within the cerebrum and the cerebellum such as the corpus callosum, the lateral ventricle, fornix, and the fourth ventricle etc. The other cut was a cut perpendicular to the longitudinal fissure that allowed me to look further into the brain. We were also able to see the texture difference and the colour difference of the white matter and the gray matter. In my old school we were never really allowed to or asked to dissect anything, so, this was my first dissection. As a beginner, I felt very feel pretty confident about my first dissection and look forward to learning many new things in this

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