Shc51 Communication Essay

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UNIT SHC 51 : USE AND DEVELOP SYSTEMS THAT PROMOTE COMMUNICATION Range of groups and individuals whose communication needs must be addressed in own job role These include: service users family, friends and carers colleagues, managers and supervisors other healthcare professionals social workers and social services students and teachers other care providers community groups advocates Care Quality Commission People communicate for many different reasons. Examples of why we do are to share opinions, to exchange information, to understand each other and to establish relationships, building trust. Effective communication can affect relationships in a social care setting. Within my own job role, with colleagues and other professionals, communication should mean that the best interests of the service users are being put to the forefront of care at all times and a variety of communication skills need to be deployed to achieve this. How to support effective communication within own job role Effective communication ensures that everyone involved in the care of service users are aware of their own responsibilities and everybody can pass on clear and accurate information. This is a fundamental skill within my own job role as I am managing my own case load where I am planning, organising, leading and controlling. Because I deal with a diverse group of people, I need to tailor my form of communication to suit. For example, whilst disseminating information regarding a patient at a Multidisciplinary Team Meeting (MDT) I am expected to use medical language and professional terminology whereas this form of communication would not be appropriate whilst communicating with service users, their family and friends. Tailoring my own communication to suit individual situations and persons is at the heart of all I do and starts with
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