Shc32 1.1.

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SHC32: Engage in personal development in health, social care or children/s and young people’s setting. 1.1 My role as a child minder is to care for children in a happy environment where they can feel secure, confident, and able to develop and learn through the effectiveness of play. I promote children’s health and safety and physical well-being. I ensure that my home is a safe and secure environment for children and meet the necessary standards. I provide various equipment for the children to play on and with, such as climbing equipment, messy play, such as paints and play dough. I responsible for following the EYFS and documenting the children’s observations. I am responsible for collecting and recording fees and managing the accounts. I purchase appropriate resources and keep accurate records. I have to establish positive relationships with parents and inform them of the daily activities their child has experienced and welcome feedback. I have to meet Ofsted requirements and hold a current Paediatric First Aid Qualification and an Introductory Childminding course and be CRB checked. 1.2 As a childminder I must be registered with Ofsted and meet the requirements set out by them i.e.: Enhanced CRB check, Paediatric First Aid Qualification 12 hours, and have inspections to check I am meeting the statutory requirements of the EYFS. I am expected to meet the standards of the EYFS in my work role in the following ways; Welfare- This includes keeping detailed records on Children and Parents personal details, Accidents, Risk assessments, Medications, Attendance Log, any visitors to the house during minded hours. I write observations daily and track each child’s development and progress. This is following the EYFS framework to ensure all six areas of learning are covered. This is delivered by a balance of Adult led and child led
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