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1.1 - Explain the sequence and rate of each aspect of development from birth - 19 years. All children and young people develop at different rates, but the order at which the advance is quite little. This is completely normal; a group of children of the same would not reach the same milestone at the same time. The same child may reach milestones in some areas of their development earlier than expected, and the child might be able to reach milestones in other areas later. For example ; a child may crawl of walk earlier than expected, but start talking a little bit late. Children generally develop in approximately the same sequence. Babies will learn to roll over before they sit up, and children will say single words before they string two or three words together in a basic sentence. | 0 -3years | 3 – 7years | 7 – 12years | 12 – 16years | 16 – 19years | | Physical development (GROSS MOTOR SKILLS). | *In-supine: head is on one side.( 1 month).*In-prone: head is on one side, can be lifted.*Heads will turn towards light and noise.*Hands are closed tightly.*Turns from side to back. (3 months)*In-supine: head in control position.*In-prone: head and chest can be lifted from the floor.*When sitting: little head lag remains.*Arms can be waved and brought together.*Legs can be kicked separately.*Turn from front to back and may do reverse.(6 months)*In-supine: head can be lifted and controlled when pulled to sitting position.(6 months)*In-prone: head and chest can be fully extended, supported by arm with head flat on the floor.(6 months)*Sits unsupported on the floor.(9 months)*Starting to crawl (9 months).*Pulls self to standing position using something like furniture to support. (9 months).*Takes steps if aided. (9 months).*Sits down from standing position.(12 months).*Stands alone for few seconds and take few steps alone. (12
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