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SHC 31 1.1 Reasons why people communicate: * To express needs * To share ideas * To share information * To reassure * To express feelings * To build relationships * To socialise * To ask questions * To share experiences People communicate with others in order to establish and maintain relationships, to give and receive information and instructions, to understand and be understood. People also communicate to show knowledge, feelings and emotion, to give out their opinions and to give others encouragement and show others they are valued. 1.2 Communication is very important in a work setting. If you are working with a child and the child is unwell while under your care, you must report it to the key worker, who should then inform the child’s parent/carer. If they are not informed it could affect their respect and trust and they could become angry or upset. When a little one goes into a nursery it is vital to build up a sense of trust and familiarity with their key worker and support staff, to help them feel settled and confident in their surroundings. If you are not communicating properly your relationship with your co-workers will suffer. When there is miscommunication or no communication at all, the relationship will start to fall apart. Your co-workers will become frustrated if they don’t get the answers they need from you, or have to keep on at you to get an answer at all. If your wording is confusing or inaccurate, jobs and assignments will be completed wrong, making more work for the whole team, so it is very important that you communicate clearly. It is also important to communicate in the work place to ensure that everyone working there knows about any changes happening in the work place or if there will be any important meetings being held. Scheduling weekly meetings with co-workers is a good way of

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