Early Years Setting Essay

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Staff It is important that staff have good communication because staff need to tell each other important information about one of the children. For example if one of the parents tell one of the staff about their child having a medical condition this is important that the staff communicate with each other for the child’s safety. Parents Good communication with the parent affects all aspects of work early years setting because if the parent has a good relationship with the staff they will feel more comfortable and happier leaving their child in the work setting, and also the child could sense this too. For example if the parent had good communication and relationship with the staff, if there child was crying one day when the parent dropped the child off, she won’t be as worried because she will have more trust in the staff. Bruce, Grenier, Meggitt & Kamen…show more content…
For example if one of the children was being picked on/bullied the child wasn’t too shy to talk to one of the staff about the problem because they had a good relationship/good communication with the child, which affects all aspects of work in an early years setting. Staff Another reason it’s important for the staff to have good communication because it will create a good atmosphere in the work setting. For example if all/some of the staff didn’t get along or hardly have any communication with each other this will affect all aspects of work in an early years setting. Also there won’t be a very positive atmosphere and this could mean the children could pick up on this and won’t feel as settled as they should be. Bruce, Grenier, Meggitt & Kamen (2011:2) “If you work alongside practitioners whom you like and respect – and whom you know will be there to support you – then you will help to create a positive working environment”
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