Shc 22 Introduction to Personal Development

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Shc 22 – introduction to personal development 1. 1.1 – describe the duties and responsibilities of own role As a care worker my duties and responsibilities are as follows: * Be able to travel to place to place either by use of public transport or by vehicle * Genuine care for others * Good communication skills * Ability to understand what the role entails * Ability to follow instructions * To be able to attend all customer calls * To understand the importance of such calls * To be able to cope with emergency and difficult situations * To be able to maintain high standards of care provision * Assist customers to get up, dressing and preparing them for their day * Washing, bathing, showering, oral care, grooming. * Toileting, assisting with use of commode, emptying commode. * Using manual handling equipment as specified. * Working with other care professionals such as district nurses, gps, etc. * Assisting with prescribed medication * Assist customers to go to bed, including undressing and washing * Preparation of meals and assistance with feeding * General household duties * Bed making and laundry * Shopping and supplies management * To keep accurate records of care visits 1.2 – identify standards that influence the way the role is carried out Codes of Practice: The standards of conduct, performance and ethics I must keep to: * Act in the best interests of service users * Respect the confidentiality of service users * Keep high standards of personal conduct * Keep my professional knowledge and skills up to date * Act within the limits of my knowledge, skills and experience and, if necessary, refer the matter to another practitioner * Communicate properly and effectively with service users and other practitioners *
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