Shc 21 Health and Social Care Essay

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Implement person centred approaches in health and social care (HSC 026) Question Point Answer 3 1 To protect yourself and service users from allegations of abuse To make sure that the service user consents To comply with policies and procedures 2 First I would speak to my manager or out of hours on-call and if need be an MDT meeting would be arranged to see if the service user has the mental capacity to make the said decision 4 1 Develops skills Develops knowledge Promotes well being Promotes good mental health 5 3 As this is their opinion and not theirs and may influences their choices that they make 4 Stage 1: Staff who receive the complaint with try to start the complains procedure straight away, when this is not possible they will contact their line manager to deal with the process After talking the issue through (weather with the service user or an advocate) the manager will ask then to put the complaint in writing ( or be supported to do by staff) Details of the complaint will be formally referenced and recorded on the ‘complaints tracker’ and in the services users file in the property Stage 2: When the complaint is received in writing it will be passed on to the named ‘complaints manager’ who will record it in the ‘complaints file’ and send an acknowledgement letter and details of Eden’s complaints procedure within 5 working days If the complaint is not made by the service user but on their behalf, then consent of the service user (preferably in writing) will be obtained from the person making the complaint. If the person making the compliant does not wish for Eden to investigate the complaint, they will be advised to contact the CQC and be given relative contact details. On receipt of the complaint, Eden will begin an investigation and within 28 days Eden should be in position to provide a full explanation to the
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