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________________________________________________________________________________SHC 21 Define the term“Equality”:Equality means that each individual has the same rights to live its life according to its talents, needs and wishes regardless of its origin, sex, race and/or religion and be respected and treated equally. Define the term “Diversity”: Diversity means that people have different backgrounds such as their origin, sex, race and/or religion and different needs such as special needs, learning disabilities, being disabled or having mental health issues which should be recognised, valued and considered to any extent. Define the term “Inclusion”: Inclusion means to involve the individual in any decision regarding its life circumstances and giving the opportunity to make any choice to its convenience. Define the term “Discrimination”Discrimination means that people are generally not respected, treated equally and are excluded from having the same opportunities to live their lives because of their race, sex, religion, origin, social background or disabilities. This often happens because of negative prejudices and the lack of knowledge and tolerance. People might get discriminated because of their origin. I.e. cooking pork for Muslims or Jewish people; assuming that Indian people prefer curries than other food. They also might get discriminated because of blindness and hearing impairments. Due to lacking knowledge and understanding they get shouted at or neglected when it comes to dress them properly and neat and clean. “People like that do not care anyway!” Leading by example and always questioning stereotypes while I include the SU in all practices. I.e. although all the SU in my work setting lack any capacity of making informed choices/ decisions I always communicate as if they were able to. I always tell them what kind of clothes I
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