Shays Rebellion Analysis

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Discussing Shays’s rebellion from the point of view of Daniel Shays. Dear and trusted friend, I am sitting here contemplating my future with sadness in my heart. I am but a poor farmer. I fought in the war and I survived the war where many did not. I should have happiness in my heart because of our victory but I do not. I come home to see my land threatened, to be taken away due to these unbearable taxes that have been levied upon me. This injustice infuritates me. I fought for indepence for a country who is now trying to take what little I have left. This angers me greatly and I cannot sit idly by while this injustice goes on. I have been speaking with many farmers in my same situation and found that too many of…show more content…
You are a farmer, same as I, and so must feel my pain. Too many of us have been put in jail and robbed of our land to pay for these unjust taxes. Taxes that have gone to pay for a war we scarcely survived and were not paid for. The structure of government under the Articles of Confederation has proven to be defective and Inadequate and we are a proof of that. Because of their inability to pay off their debts , they have taxed us heavily. We should not have to pay for their war with not only our blood but our livelihoods. I say we gather a group and attack the courthouses in Northhampton and Springfield to stop the foreclosures on our properties! We will stop the courts from holding sessions until they hear our cries! Sincerely, Daniel Shays SOURCES: 1. Bloom, Alan. "The so-called Shays Rebellion": a neighborhood study of Whately, Massachusetts. Deerfield, Mass.: Historic Deerfield Summer Fellowship Program, 1986. 2. Kaufman, Martin. Shays' Rebellion: Selected Essays. Westfield, MA: Institute for Massachusetts Studies, Westfield State College,
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