Shawshank Redemption Fisher King Analysis

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Comparative Essay “Life without a friend is like death without a witness.” Indeed, strong friendships are essential to share warmth, love, and memories. Both movies, Shawshank Redemption and The Fisher King, exemplify that the strength of friendship can carry individuals through even the worst tribulation simply in the perception that they are not alone. One force of friendship that is advanced in both works is the trust that is created between the characters. Being helpful and compassionate to one another are other qualities that are shown to be significant in each of these movies. Finally, both cases demonstrate that being dependable on one another is the key to seek hope and success. By researching this theme, individuals will realize…show more content…
In The Fisher King, Jack slowly earns the trust of Parry as their friendship continually grows. More importantly, Jack learns Parry’s affection for a woman he has been infatuated with from afar: “Oh it’s not like that. I’m deeply smitten.” Although Parry has many doubts for his feelings with Lydia, he is convinced through a sense of trust that Jack will assist him to show Lydia his true feelings. This is significant as Parry leaves the love of his life in the hands of his friend. Parry’s tribulation of constantly being lonely may be solved simply because he trusts that his friend will help him be with Lydia. Without Jack, Parry would continue his obsession with Lydia and may have never spoken with her in his life. In The Shawshank Redemption Andy has a major issue as he experiences the dreadful abuse from a group of other prisoners called ‘The Sisters’. He uses his intelligence in the business field to show the guards and Warden Norton he can assist them with their taxes and papers. As he earns their trust, he begins to earn his protection from Bogs and The Sisters: “Two things never happened again. The Sisters never laid a finger on Andy again... and Bogs never walked again.” This event is significant as it illustrates how friendship can help an individual surpass their worst problems. This strengthens the thesis as Andy receives a sense of protection because he has confidence the guards will continue to look after him as long as he continues to complete their taxes. Briefly, trust is extremely critical to strengthen a
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