Shawshank Redemption Essay

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In Frank Darabonts film "The Shawshank Redemption", the theme of hope and hopelessness is presented in many different styles and is what drives the film. This theme is represented through many of the films characters and the events that occur throughout the film. Andy Dufresne, the films protagonist, battles many moments of hopelessness but ultimately provails by holding onto a sense of hope, although some characters such as Brooks Hatlin when faced with challenges, finally succumb to hopelessness. Ellis Redding is a character that at the begginning is shown to be someone that detests hope, but finally welcomes hope into his life. Andy Dufresne, the main character of the film is often faced with very challenging physical, emotional and pshycological obstacles but the way he deals with these problems is by clinging on to hope at all costs. This was explored when Andy is faced with an an ongoing issue of a group of rapists 'the Sisters' harrasing him. How Andy deals with this problem is by holding onto the idea that he will make it through and will overcome this. In the end, his persistence keeps him going and even though at times he was almost overcome with hopelessness, red expresses Andy's hopelessness when he states "I do believe those first two years were the worst for him. And I also believe if things had gone on that way, this place would have got the best of him. " Brooks Hatlin, one of the oldest inmates in Shawshank prison is seen as a symbol of hopelessness throughout the film. it is realised by the audience that Brooks does not cope well with change and these certain changes fill him with hopelessness. although some characters in the film the shawshank redemption are seen as symbols of hope or hopelessness, Eliis Redding is shown as a man who at the start is hopeless but soons comes to believe in

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