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“The Shawshank Redemption” Director: Frank Darabont Genre: Prison Drama Date: 1994 Country of Origin: U.S.A Actors: Morgan Freeman, Tim Robins I know what you’re thinking, just another movie about criminals, convicts, involving violence and bad language and you are thinking “boring”. Well that’s where you are wrong. Although The Shawshank Redemption contains these, it tends to have a deeper and more powerful storyline than that of previous prison movies. “Fear can hold you prisoner. Hope can set you free.” This bold statement, alone, sets the tone of the movie. It gives the viewer a sense of belief, and realism. I found myself captivated by the actors and their motivating dialogue, that my eyes were drawn to the screen, and unable to look elsewhere. I’m a teenage girl, and I think it’s pretty fair to say, that not many films of a prison genre would have such a positive effect on me. Shawshank, was an exception. The story commences with Andy Du Frense (Tim Robins), an educated banker having a dramatic, life changing event occur. He is convicted for the murder of his wife and her lover. He is then sent to serve a life sentence at Shawshank prison, alone and isolated at first; he slowly adapts to prison life and makes a life long friend, Red (Morgan Freeman). Guilty or innocent? That is the question that will constantly be within your thoughts the entire movie. Big “Ups” to the amazing acting talents of both Morgan Freeman and Tim Robins, they do an outstanding job at convincing the viewer that the movie is real. At first, I had my doubts as I saw that the two main actors were both male. But they buried those doubts as soon as I found myself intrigued by their “killer” performances. I couldn’t help but to love Red. He was a smart and quick-witted character

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