Shawshank Redemption Essay

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In the prison drama, 'The Shawshank Redemption' directed by Frank Darabont, there were many important visual symbols which helped develop various ideas in the film. The posters were an important symbol which helped develop the ideas of freedom and secrets relating to Andy. Andy hides one of his deepest secrets behind a poster in his cell; a tunnel which eventually leads him to freedom into the world outside of Shawshank. Another important visual was the bible as it helped develop the ideas of hope and religion mainly between Andy and the Warden of Shawshank prison. The visual symbol of the harmonica symbolises the ideas of the hope and freedom the main character- Andy had in music. The harmonica symbolises how Andy passes these ideas into another main character- Red. With the use of these three visual symbols, the films ideas were developed clearly. An important visual symbol were the posters Andy had in his cell which helped develop the ideas of freedom and secrets. From the moment Andy found the stone in his cell could be easily chipped away he knew it was his way out of Shawshank and his way out to freedom. Even if his inmates didn't know it- they were giving him means for escaping by providing him with posters to conceal the secret tunnel Andy was slowly digging. “When Andy asked for Rita Hayworth I told him I could get her for him.” The Warden further helped to develop the ideas of freedom and secrets when he performs a surprise inspection in Andy's cell. He notices the wall sized, pin-up poster of Rita Hayworth, but mildly disapproves “...I suppose exceptions can be made.” and does not confiscate it. The posters enable Andy to hide the secret tunnel by day and dig a handful of stone each night without causing suspicion. Andy's secret tunnel eventually leads him to the outside world- to his freedom. The posters enable the ideas of
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