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David McGurie Introduction to Film Thesis and Outline 4/15/2012 For my Film analysis, I choose the movie Shawshank Redemption. I know what you are thinking, just another movie about criminals and convicts involving violence and bad language. That's where you are wrong. Although Shawshank Redemption contains these it has a way deeper and more powerful meaning. 1.Cinematography The most unique part about the style of the movie is the cinematography. The movie looks like it was filmed with a blue screen background or some filter. The background brings out the two different colors blue and brown. The blue stands out next to the brown prison buildings. In the movie there are many main ideas and techniques that carry the film. Walls,lighting and water The whole movie is in high contrast with the exception of the guards who are mostly in the shadows The lighting of these scenes give a sense of violence without actually showing it in the film 2. Narrator The narrator in this video adds to the movies appeal because of the fact that it is Morgan Freeman. His Voice makes the film much more intense Morgan Freeman’s being the narrator helps keep the audience’s attention He points out the things we do not notice and explains things with more detail so we understand more. Makes the Film more gripping 3. Title “redeem” as to free from what distresses or harm(Websters dic) The title gains its full meaning at the end of the movie Andy is redeem through his experience at the prison He learns about life , while he also helps many others. His is redeemed through his second chance of life after his escape from the prison 4.Freedom This movie could be interpreted as a lesson to not give up on your freedom Even though somethings bad happens to you

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