Shaun Baramdeo Research Paper

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Mi Rutina Daria My name is Shaun Baramdeo currently a high school senior at Richmond hill high school. For five day of the week, Monday to Friday my routines are kind the same. First I wake up at 6am and get my lazy self out a bed. Then I brush my teeth, take a nice clean shower, eat, get ready and off to school with a free ride from my dad. In school I try my best in all my classes, and then participate in after school programs such as bowling, volleyball and Red Cross club. When I get home around 6pm I do my home work. I also have to take out the trash after mom yells at me. So when that’s over, I eat dinner, watch some tv and off to bed . However on the weekend my routines are totally different. On Saturday I get up from bed around 1pm

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