Sharp Corporation: Technology Strategy

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Sharp Corporation, a Japanese multinational corporation that designs and manufactures three broad areas: consumer electronics and appliances, information and office automation equipment, and electronic devices. Sharp has a business philosophy that “dedicated to the use of its unique, innovative technology to contribute to the culture, benefits and welfare of people throughout the world.” And the business creed that dedicated to two principal ideals: “Sincerity and Creativity.” Sharp Corporation faced several challenges such as new products were quickly imitated by competitors, The Japanese economic recession, and increasing technological opportunities and uncertainties. However, Sharp Corporation was an ambidextrous organization that has been able to compete in mature market segments through incremental innovation and in emerging markets and technologies through discontinuous innovation. Sharp organization has ability to be efficient in its management of today’s business and also adaptable for coping with tomorrow’s changing demand. Organizational ambidexterity requires the use of both exploration and exploitation techniques to be successful. Sharp maintained a variety of innovation efforts. They pursued incremental innovations, the improvements in their existing products and operations that let them operate efficiently and deliver greater value to customers. For example, Sharp developed expertise in certain electronic devices, such as specialized integrated circuits (ICs) and liquid crystal displays (LCDs), and used them to develop innovative end products such as electronic calculators, LCD TV, and so on. Company also has architectural innovations, applying technological or process advances to fundamentally change some component or element of their business. For instance, the company refocusing of its computer research let to Sharp’s introducing the world’s first

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