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Themes, Moods, and Point of View in “The Ugly One” and “A Letter to my Daughter” by Sharon G. Flake Sharon G. Flake is a very interesting author to me. She writes stories that I can very much relate to and makes me want to read more of her stories. She writes stories about teenagers of my background. The two stories that I will be comparing and analyzing are The Ugly One and A Letter to my Daughter. I will be comparing the themes, moods, and point of view in the stories. I hope to prove by studying these stories we can better understand the different lifestyles of people and the struggles in their lives. Sharon Flake was born in Philadelphia in 1955 and is one of the six children. She read whenever she could and loved to read romantic novels which were usual in her time. She visited her hometown often. She walks through the neighborhood and visited her old school. She got people to tell her about their lives and that’s her inspiration for her stories. Even though her characters don’t look like her nor act like her, she wants her readers to have the same heart and desire for love and romance (Sharon Flake p.2). This is why most of her books have a bit of innocent romance in them. The points of view in these stories are both in 1st person which helps the reader better comprehend the struggles in their lives. In The Ugly One there is a very insecure girl. She says she has long black hair, light complexion, and an average body. The only thing wrong is that she has a skin condition that causes a lot of bumps to be on her face. Without the bumps, people think she would be alright. She says she was born beautiful but then got ugly once them bumps popped up on her face (Sharon Flake “Who Am I Without Him” p.51). This girl is always getting picked on and can’t get a boyfriend. But to her she has a boyfriend and he is Jamaican, and has long dreads with blonde in them. He

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