Sharknado Review

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During today’s class, we watched the movie Sharknado. Being a completely unrealistic sci-fi movie, I hope I never have to watch something like this again. The movie began on a ship out in the middle of the ocean, battling against harsh waves. There was a feud between the captain and a business man over a sale of one million dollars that resulted unexpectedly with death by a flying shark. This introduction had nothing to do with the plotline other than the flying shark and if I could change anything about this movie and make it my way, I would completely erase the ship-scene; the terrible entrance forewarned me that this would be a long one and a half hours with the already terrible acting and animation. Moments after the business man was eaten by the flying shark, we were flown over one of my favorite cities that I have never been to, Los Angeles. Surfer and bar owner Fin was determined to rescue his family after the hurricane and shark attacks began to become a major catastrophe, so he leaves his destroyed bar and takes off in sight for Beverly Hills with his friends Baz and Nova. Long story short, everyone that was part of the storyline dies except for Fin, Nova, Claudia (Fin’s Daughter), April (Fin’s Ex-Wife), and Matt (Fin’s Son). The movie ends in a rather disturbing, yet cute, sort of way. A shark ate Fin, but he escaped by cutting through its stomach. Not only did he survive, but he managed to pull Nova out of the sharks stomach too (she was eaten when she fell out of the helicopter during Matt’s quest to stop the tornados and it was merely by chance that the same shark that ate her ate Fin). Although she was unconscious, she was miraculously unharmed. I found this particular moment cute because Matt was reunited with Nova and Fin gets back together with April. Knowing in the back of my mind that this whole movie was completely and utterly unrealistic, I
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