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Sharia Law Essay

  • Submitted by: greentiger
  • on December 2, 2013
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Below is an essay on "Sharia Law" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Sharia law has been a creational ground for discriminatory behaviour towards Muslim women in divorce. Divorce itself is detested by Allah and has been restricted from free use by women, a right that women should be able to use unilaterally just as men can do. It is evident that the requirement for an Islamic divorce is the reconciliation phase of divorce; this is relied upon too heavily leaving women stuck in an unhappy marriage. A huge injustice weighing down women in Islam is the right of talaq for men and this is provided by Islam. Discrepancies appear also in khul, one of the only proceedings in divorce that Muslim women are entitled to. In both forms of divorces of talaq and khul, it is inherent that the iddah should be followed to complete the divorce. The iddah also creates suffering for women, demanding the wife to reside with the husband in his house after a divorce for three months, this will be distressing. To also allow a husband to take back his wife after announcing divorce without the need for a woman’s say leaves her with no right in the matter. It has emerged that the Sharia law has reprimanded a woman in trying to limit the use of divorce, men can still divorce at will.
It is indeed clear that Islam was introduced to a male dominant society in pre-Islamic Arab tribes with the giving of the Quran. Islam conformed to adhere and be accepted in a world that was immoral in treating women like slaves. However a change of ideas and values in the Islamic land had come about. This was due to Islam as the religion did bring more rights to women, although this was not satisfactory in comparison to the west. The western world left a taste in the Muslim world with the Industrial Revolution and the French Revolution in dominating most of the Islamic lands. In the fallout of the west from the Arab world, it was easy to point out the motivations of treating women so unfairly. As David Gordon extracted that men in the Muslim world agreed with the Quran that women...

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