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Should Schapelle Corby Be Paid $2 Million For Her Story? On October 8, 2004, Schapelle Corby was apprehended by custom officers at the Ngurah Rai International Airport. She was found to have 4.2kg of cannabis in a double plastic vacuum-sealed in her unlocked bodyboard bag. She was tried and found guilty (not by jury, but by judge), and spent nine years in jail. Following her release, Seven News has offered her a whopping $2 million dollars for an interview on her story. I’m here to tell you the reasons why she wasn’t guilty and why she should be paid. “Recent media reports about payments to Schapelle are completely wrong, the sums being reported are ridiculous. When she is ready to speak, the parole officers will be informed”, this is…show more content…
Having served many years, Schapelle suffered from depression and stress, sending her to the International Wing of Sanglah Hospital. She suffered from many hardships, and was frequently upset in prison. This obviously took a toll on her life, most likely will affect the rest of her life, but with the money, it would certainly help her, or anyone for that matter, to get her life back on track. It would also help her family as well. They were the ones who dealt with all the costs of the case, so they deserve some credit and their money they spent to help free her back. Also, what if she wants the money to help other young people who deal with drugs? She could use that money to help them, tell them her story so they know not to deal with the dangerous world of drugs and how it can effect you. Nobody has thought of how this can be a good thing. Nobody’s thought that Schapelle might be a good person at heart, and wants everybody to know her story to warn them about the dangers of dealing with…show more content…
There are many other famous criminals that profited from selling their story, like Mark ‘chopper’ Read, but did he get slammed on by the media for that? The answer is no. I believe that if this was any other criminal, it wouldn’t have been nearly as controversial as Schapelle. It wouldn’t matter if anyone would was getting paid $2 million, so why her? Schapelle Corby, the young, attractive, free spirited women, can’t get paid because she’s a criminal? But she’s not a criminal so what’s to stop her from getting paid. You need to look at the bigger picture and see things from her point of view. You would like paid, no matter how much money, if you spent 9 years in a third- world prison being innocent, wouldn’t you? Schapelle was just a beauty school dropout, who took care of her father, and went to Bali for some fun. Not to smuggle

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