Shane the Differences Between the Book and Movie

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Shane There are many similarities between the scenes in the book and movie. Joey Starrett is the first person to see Shane ride into the community. A gunfighter by profession, Shane tries to renounce his former trade and join the community of homesteaders. Joe Starrett and Shane become friends as Shane helps Joe around his ranch. Shane works with Joe to remove an old tree stump he had been fighting to remove for the past two years. The homesteaders are held together by Joe Starrett, who wants to build a life on the land for his wife Marian and young son Joey. Luke Fletcher is a greedy land owner who wants to own the whole town. The ranchers, led by the Ryker brothers, try to intimidate the homesteaders in an effort to force them out of the valley. As tensions increase Luke Fletcher hires a gunfighter named Stark Wilson. Joe Starrett is left with no alternative but to meet the hired gunfighter. It is obvious that Shane is the only match for the hired gunfighter, Wilson. He overpowers Starrett and rides into town where he kills the gunman and the Rykers. There are many contrast between the scenes in both the book and the movie. In the book, Wilson is something of a dandy while Shane wears black. In the film, it is Wilson dressed in black and Shane in buckskins. Also, in the movie it is the hotheaded rebel Tory and not Shipstead who is goaded into a suicidal gunfight with Wilson. Bob Starrett becomes a younger boy, renamed Joey in the film. Luke Fletcher becomes Ruf Ryker and is given a brother, who attempts to bushwhack Shane at the end, after his fight with Wilson.

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