Shane Claiborne's Irresistible Revolution

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Shane Claiborne, writer of the Irresistible Revolution, is a man of great moral clarity and bravery. His actions and words speak for an alternative method of thinking. He preaches communal living, pacifism, and protesting against the norm in the world. Shane Claiborne leads a theologian lifestyle that promotes Christians to not live a radical anarchist lifestyle but to live radically in a counter culture way. Shane lives in poverty, chooses to spend his days with the poor, and ultimately serves his enemies. Whether Shane preaches that the Church has become apathetic and over politicized, he serves a purpose to change the way Christians think about their religion. Shane cannot be called a sideline spectator either, he walks the talk, Claiborne preaches in the city of Chicago, Philadelphia, in conventions, and in Iraq, risking his life. He absolutely has moral authority and credibility in his ideas and opinions. While I do not completely agree with his whole book, Shane Claiborne speaks some truths on many ugly topics of our society. I agree with him that there needs to be a higher concern in our society for the less fortunate, poor, and those who do not have a voice in local government. He speaks for an alternative thinking, conveying an idea that the traditional church isolates itself from the poor and disenfranchises many LGBT people. He communicates to his audience; it is okay to question a church that may be wrong in their views or traditions. I believe our generation subjects themselves to staying neutral on controversial topics. Even in our classroom, many classmates refuse to express their questions, opinions, on conversations said in our class. While I may disagree with his theological expressions and usage, he articulates alternative theology through many real life examples corrects bad theology. Answering the question on how one can correct bad theology, he

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