Shame by Salman Rushdie

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Shame by Salman Rushdie During the 1940s, Pakistan had a drastic cultural separation between men and Women. At this time, there were also many rules that people had to follow. These Rules were religious rules. For example, you had to be married to get pregnant. Because of these rules and this large separation, people would feel a lot of shame for doing things that was against their religion. Shame by Salman Rushdie is a book that portrays how shame negatively impacts a person’s life. Firstly, Omar Khayyam Shakil, the son of the three sisters, felt shame for being raised by three mothers who were pregnant before they got married. He also did not know who his real mother was or who his real father was. Secondly, the main character had three mothers that happened to be sisters. One of them became pregnant before marriage and in order to hide the identity of the one that was pregnant, the other two mimicked the symptoms of pregnancy so it was impossible to tell which one was the real mother. The mothers had to live with the shame that came from themselves and the people of their village. Lastly, Sufiya Zinobia Hyder, the women that married Omar, felt shame all of her life. Sufiya’s father did not want a daughter, he was ashamed of her. This shame that was then projected onto her, which made her feel ashamed herself. To begin with, the book starts off with the background behind one of the main character’s lives. Three siblings, Chhunni, Munnee, and Bunny, had a father who hated them, after he died they decided to have a party since their father wouldn’t let them leave the house while he was still alive. During the party, one of them had, had sex, which happened to be against their religion since she was not married. They did not want their sister to be judged and hated so in order to hide the identity of
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