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The curated collection of photos and stories of Jewish merchants comes from and is funded by the Washington State Jewish Historical Society based in Seattle, Washington and is on display at MOHAI through January 20, 2015. This exhibit targets school (K-12) groups, the Jewish community in Seattle, and as well those just in the neighborhood. Unlike the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC this exhibit is primarily introductory to the subject matter. One can see many social issues; this exhibit features uplifting and universal tales of family triumph. They are intended to evoke a flavor for the people and a taste of the community. What’s great about this exhibit is that the conclusion is yours to reach, but one point is certain: Jewish merchants have contributed successfully to the economic and cultural fabric of the state of Washington. This exhibit incorporates the struggles and accomplishments of the local Jewish community in Washington state through captivating black and white photography and artifacts displayed in a tasteful and appealing way. Unlike the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC this exhibit did not offer audio. The audio piece really drew me in when I visited the Holocaust Museum in October (2014). The experience in Seattle wasn’t as impactful or striking as the work in DC. It displayed the history but I believe that in order to draw in more attention it needs to be varied or safe. This is something I learned while working on our “In Your Face” collaboration last week. In order to grab the attention of the audience passing by the artists or curator must be aware of the space and display. This exhibit was stood out to me because of the little advertising around it. It was essentially tucked away in a non-art museum. Yes, it was historical exhibit but it also touched on imaginative aspect with it’s photography. The photography captures the emotion of the

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