Shakespeare'S Background Essay

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Shakespeare’s Background Unfortunately, the background of William Shakespeare is rather shaded. However, what is known about him is incredibly interesting. The famous playwright was born April 23, 1564 (Bogle) and was baptized three days later (Pressley). “Young William was born of John Shakespeare, a glove and leather merchant, and Mary Arden, a landed local heiress” (Pressley). He was born into a quite large family; for he was the third out of eight children. When he was growing up, he was educated at a grammar school and his teachers were graduates of the famous Oxford University (Bogle). William showed auspicious behavior and could have gone to Oxford University himself because of his high level of education and yet, he did not. As William grew older and more mature, he married a woman by the name of Anne Hathaway. William was nineteen while Anne was twenty-eight (Bogle). They were married November 28, 1582 by the Bishop of Worcester (Gray). Throughout the marriage, Anne bore Shakespeare 3 children. The first born was Susanna. Anne was around 3 months pregnant with Susanna at the time of their marriage (Gray). She also carried twins Judith and Hamlet. Regrettably, Hamlet, who was Shakespeare’s only son, died at the age of eleven (Bogle). Amusingly, it is said that Shakespeare and Anne Hathaway did not get along very well. For example, in his will, he left his property to his daughter Susanna and 300 pounds to his other daughter Judith, while the only thing he left to his wife was his “second best bed” (Pressley). William Shakespeare died on April 23, 1616, and was buried in the chancel of Holy Trinity Church (Miller) William Shakespeare was an incredibly interesting man, and therefore, had an incredibly interesting
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