Shakespeare’s Time Essay

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Shakespeare’s time Elizabethan England was a place where violence could erupt at any moment one’s whole family could die of sickness in the night. In Shakespeare’s plays he talks about a lot about these types of things that were going on in his time. One example is his play Romeo and Juliet. Were he talks about the fear of the black plague, how arranged marriages affected family’s, and how violence affects the people of this time. One way Shakespeare showed what was happening in his time period was including the bubonic plague in some of his works the bubonic plague. Sara Ann Migill talk about the bubonic plague in here paper black plague. “The black plague ravaged middle eastern Europe during the 1350’s. The disease killed approximately one third of the entire population, and its source was largely a mystery.”(Mcgill) this quote talks about how bad the black plague was, and that it killed one third or the entire human population. It makes sense that Shakespeare had this on his mind when he wrote. Shakespeare talks about this in the play when Friar john tells Friar Lawrence that he can’t deliver his message to Romeo in mantua because of there great fear or the plague.” I could not send it - here it is again - nor could I get a messenger to bring it thee so fearful they of infection.”(V.ii.215) what friar john says in this quote is that he cannot deliver the massage to Romeo in mantua because they thought he had the plague. This shows how the plague affects the people of Shakespeare’s time, and Shakespeare did a good job at including this in his plays. Throughout time, parents have controlled who their children marry. Arranged marriage has led to unhappiness for children and parents. Arranged marriage is wrong because you should be able to choose who you want to marry. In Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” arranged marriage is a part of everyday life for higher
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