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Shakespeare`S Othello Essay

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  • on December 2, 2012
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Shakespeare Othello
Overview of the play
William Shakespeare`s book, Othello, is an exciting and entertaining play whose setting is in Venice. The play starts with the introduction of Roderigo and Iago who are in an argument. Roderigo, a rich man had been paying Iago so he may help him in his suit to Desdemona. He therefore complains to Iago since he had learned that Desdemona had married Othello instead. Iago however reassures Roderigo that he hates Othello, who he serves as ensign. The main reason for his hatred on Othello is the fact that he had promoted Cassio as lieutenant instead of him. According to Iago, he deserved the post since Cassio had no experience in the battlefield whole he had been of great service and even had a recommendation for three ‘great ones’ of the city.
Iago therefore chooses to wait for an opportunity to serve his own interests while pretending to serve Othello. He advices Roderigo to spoil Othello`s pleasures in marriage by rousing Desdemona`s family against the general. The two men therefore go to the street just outside Brabanzio`s (Desdemona`s father) house and start screaming that they have been robbed. This makes Brabanzio come to the window. He first does not believe what hears since he had warned Roderigo not to go anywhere near his house. He therefore took the screams as a scheme in order to see Desdemona. Iago then takes bthat opportunity to tell Brabanzio that his daughter was having sex with Othello. He says, ‘They are making the beast with two backs.’ (Shakespeare 118)
Brabanzio then takes the issue seriously and goes out to search for his daughter. Seeing that his plan had succeeded, Iago leaves Roderigo and goes to attend to Othello. Like Brabanzio, Othello has no idea what Iago`s role is in Roderigo`s accusations. As Iago leaves, Brabanzio gets out of his house screaming that furiously that magic charms have stolen his daughter. Brabanzio and his men then follow Roderigo to Othello`s. the play unfolds in such a way...

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