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Quote: “ All the world’s stage.” This quote is stated in the book, “ As You Like It.” This quote was quoted by, one of the world famous poet, Shakespeare. This quote contains powerful message. I picked this quote because the message it contains doesn’t apply only to me, but every teenager like me. This quote could mean many things in general. Just remember that people are entitled to their opinion, so this quote could mean different to other people. But to me, it means that everything in the world is step or stage towards achieving your goal or future. Like, career options! Since there are so many careers that the world is offering, you could pick any careers that you are interested. So this is what this quote means, to me. I do agree with this quote.…show more content…
So back in old ages, Shakespeare didn’t write in the modern English style. He had unique style of writing, it was slang English. So as you could see this quote is missing some words. If this quote to be translated into modern English, then it would be, “ Everything in the world, from objects to jobs, is a stage towards your future or could help you shape your future.” It basically mean, is well everything in the world is stage could provide a future to you, and you have to be brave, strong to get on the stage. This is what Shakespeare was trying to state to

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