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Bad boys in literature- Much Ado About Nothing There are many differences and similarities between Don John from Much Ado About Nothing and Iago from Othello. Shakespeare employs the techniques of Irony, symbol and juxtaposition. Shakespeare’s uses techniques of first person in Othello. Both villains are shaped and motivated by feelings of shame and anger. Both characters are manipulative and have powerful reputations which they use to create chaos and suffering in the lives of others around them. Shakespeare uses the technique of irony to show the antagonist side of both Don John and Iago. Don John said, “I cannot hide what I am”. Iago said, “I am not what I am”. Irony is used in both texts to convey the opposite meaning of what was said. Shakespeare has used this because Don John can change and dose and he is a master at duplicity deception. Iago is surrounded with bitter irony, as he is not what he seems, his good is bad for others. The use of irony helps convey the antagonist characteristics of both Don John and Iago. Both Much Ado About Nothing and Othello are both based on jealousy. Don John is jealous of Claudio’s who bonds better with his half brother than he does himself. Iago didn’t get into the position he desired in the army. Shakespeare has used jealousy to create friction between the characters to bring out their villains character traits. Using the technique of jealousy creates disagreement and conflict between characters in the text. Shakespeare’s use of jealousy creates drama in the texts. Shakespeare has used first person to show the antagonist side of both Don John and Iago. Throughout the whole text first person is used. This technique was used to communicate exactly what Shakespeare wanted the characters to say. Shakespeare uses Don John and Iago as the antagonist characters in these texts. Both these characters

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