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Throughtout ‘Macbeth’, Lady Macbeth is presented as a manipulative and powerful woman that sees herself above everything and everyone. Towards the end she is portrayed as woman who is out of control and weak. In the adaptation Shakespeare Re-told, Lady Macbeth is presented in a similar way: great, cunning, and very seductive. At the end though, she becomes a fragile and weak wife that, the only thing she does is try to wash the blood and guilt out of her hands. In the play, Lady Macbeth is first presented as a dominant and manipulative woman. When Lady Macbeth reads the letter Macbeth sent her, she straight away jumps to the conclusion that they had to kill the Duncan, the King. When she tries to convince Macbeth, she is shown to be very persuasive and influential and the fact she actually manages to get him to complete the deed shows how dominant she is over her own husband. Shakespeare uses repetition in Lady Macbeth’s speech to emphasize the most important points. Many times, she says that “she will not regard him as a man” if he does not kill Duncan. When she says this you insinuate that the gender roles were exchanged, that she is the man that is in control while he is the woman that will not end their plan. In contrast, in the adaptation Shakespeare Re-told, the director Mark Brozel, portrayes Lady Macbeth as a scheming and leading Lady Macbeth. When she tries to convince her husband to kill Duncan though, she passes to a more seductive may of persuasion and makes Macbeth believe that he should get more credit for what he does. She uses short phrases like “don’t be drunk on his success” to do so. In the scene, the colours and the music work together to create a sense of mystery and they suggest that the evil is overcoming the good (in this case evil would be represented by Lady Macbeth overshadowing the good which would be Macbeth). Like in the

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