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William Shakespeare, in the sonnet "When my love swears that she is made of truth", articulates his thoughts about the mutual lies expressed by the two in a loving relationship. The speaker is a guy that feels that "his days are past the best"; the speaker presents this odd relationship as a product of love. The darker aspects of the relationship are built on lies. Shakespeare uses the fixed form of an English sonnet with the rhyme scheme of abab cdcd efef gg in order to separate each of the three quatrains and final couplet, with the purpose to connect lines and emphasize ideas, and speaks allegorically in order to convey the theme. The theme concluded was that though mutual lies in a relationship initially flatter, the faults still remain. Shakespeare depicts the sonnet in the form of an English sonnet, developing connections between quatrains in order to link the separate ideas conveyed by them. Shakespeare develops the speaker's thoughts in logical order by first explaining the situation of mutual lies, then the reasons why they lie, and finally by excusing these flaws on the superficial feelings of self-confidence. Then, Shakespeare uses each quatrain to successively build upon his thesis by providing the details of the routine relationship described, conveying the theme that though lies in a relationship seem to be a good thing, the faults thereby hidden still exist. The first few lines should be interpreted in a way close to the literal meaning: the context is when one person claims that he/she is truthful, and the other person believes them. The intention is to be viewed as a trusting person, unaware of the lies of the world; this hope is vain. This cycle, as initially captivating as it may be, people still lie to one another and remain flattered by empty praises. Shakespeare employs the meaning of the word "lie" in order to portray

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