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Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing is a romantic comedy, a comedy of manners, whose main characters are flat and silent throughout most of the play. In the movie, Kenneth Branagh reveals this characteristic by contrasting Hero and Claudio--the silent lovers--with Beatrice and Benedick--the characters who enjoy verbal combat and possess verbal diarrhea. I will criticize the keys points that Branagh touched and explain it from my own understanding. Thanks to Kenneth Branagh Much Ado about nothing can be viewed in a more modern and more understanding way. This play had comical gossip, ease droppers and trouble makers made the play have a more dramatic effect. I agree with Kenneth when he says that Dogberry played very vital in this play. Dogberry kept the humor going on during this play. The actors that he included in the movie where perfect for this screen play. There presence delighted my viewing and made me more engaged in watching the actual movie. The problems that the characters experiences are ordinary problems that people typically go through. This romantic comedy turn out for the better, when Kenneth ask does word play have a dramatic affect in the screen play I agree with him. Word play, or how well it is said is the main contributor in drawing the readers attention. Catchy and interesting lines make the reader want to know what else happen and pushes them to keep reading. Shakespeare is most famous for being able to have a good way with his words. Kenneth said that this is one of the main reason why Much ado about nothing is one of Shakespeare most famous plays. Thanks to the word play in “much ado about nothing” it show the real concept of the work. Its shows how love come to those who least expect and for those who just wait. The romantic comedy has it’s twist ,as well it turns but at the end had its purpose. The sceneraio in this movie

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