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Kara Mussell Class 4: C.P.E November 27, 2011 Research Essay Shakespeare: His Effect on Today’s Literature and Theater “Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.” (William Shakespeare”, Brainy Quote) Shakespeare’s words have been used time after time in speeches, papers, and books. His stories written nearly 500 years ago still entertain and amaze millions of readers. He is so big that schools teach Shakespeare all the time. Shakespeare inspires writers all around the world. Shakespeare has influenced today’s literature and theater more than any other person in history. Today we love him, the same goes for his time, the fifteen hundreds. (Pressley, “Shakespeare’s Biography”) During Elizabethan times Shakespeare brought entertainment to a terrible world. In this time there was a terrible plague they called the Black Death, otherwise known as the Bubonic Plague. People died all the time, the dead were thrown on carts like dolls, and with hope many wished to die peacefully. Shakespeare being a genius playwright during this depressing time brought comedy, light heartiness, and joy to these people’s sad lives. His plays at the globe theater in London greatly entertained people with intriguing stories filled with comedy and ending in certain awe. Shakespeare performed plays to provide entertainment for those in grief or just to entertain those who needed entertainment. Now days life seems much the same. Girls get dumped they eat ice-cream and watch movies. People aren’t especially happy with their lives so they read a book to escape. Families and friends get bored and decide to go to a theater for entertainment. Some could say it started in the 1500’s and Shakespeare brought it to life. (Fido, 39) Plays have been around for a long time. Some people like to play and say theater was first

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