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English 4/30/12 Shakespeare’s Authenticity Shakespeare was and is a very famous man. People all over the world study and read from his supposed work. However, by the 1900’s, people began to question his work. How could one single man be able to create so many plays and poems? Possible authors began to get into the mix and soon enough, theories of who could be the real Shakespeare came to light. Shakespeare as a Fake The reason why sources believe that Shakespeare is a fake (as in, most of his work was created by someone else or other people), is that not many people like his son ever referred to Shakespeare ever writing plays. Speaking of his children, neither one of them ever learned to read or write (when Shakespeare had a pretty good education as a kid.) If Shakespeare was such a great author of poems and playwright, then he would have given his two kids the opportunity to be a great author as himself(NYTimes,p56) On top of others not giving much notice to Shakespeare “success”, Shakespeare himself never wrote anything about it. Not once has he ever mentioned anything about his plays or any epic poems. Or never has he written in journals of how well his work was doing. This adds onto the suspicion that Shakespeare never really created his fabulous pieces of work. Historians also uncovered that Shakespeare never visited Rome and in his plays, Rome is clearly the setting. All of this factual evidence is setting the stage to prove Shakespeare as a fraud. Now, who could be the authors of these sensational playwrights? Some say that person could be Earl of Oxford, who people knew as fond person of poems and an adventurer. Others say that person could be Christopher Marlowe, however, he perished before the great plays were ever published or acted out. However, there is other evidence that help support William Shakespeare as the true author of these plays

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