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Shakespeare William Shakespeare (baptized April 26, 1564 – Died April 23, 1616) was an English poet and playwright, known as the greatest writer in the English language. His surviving works consist of about 38 plays, 154 sonnets, 2 long narrative poems, and several other poems. Shakespeare was born and raised in Stratford-upon-Avon, his actual birthdate is unknown. At age 18, he married Anne Hathaway, and had three children: Susanna, and twins Hamnet and Judith. At age 11, Hamnet died of unknown causes. After the birth of the twins, Shakespeare left few historical traces until he’s mentioned as part of the London theatre scene in 1592. Scholars refer to the years between 1585 and 1592 as Shakespeare’s “Lost Years”. Biographers attempting to account for this period have reported many apocryphal stories. Nicholas Rowe, Shakespeare’s first biographer, recounted a Stratford legend that Shakespeare fled the town for London to escape prosecution for deer poaching in the estate of local squire Thomas Lucy. Shakespeare was also supposed to have taken his revenge on Lucy by writing a ballad on him. After 1606-1607, Shakespeare wrote fewer plays, and none are attributed to him after 1613. His last three plays were collaborations. Shakespeare died on April 23, 1616 and was survived by his wife and two daughters. Susanna married a physician in 1607, and Judith married a vintner two months before Shakespeare died. In his will, Shakespeare left a majority of his large estate to his oldest daughter, Susanna. The terms instructed that she pass it down intact to "the first son of her body". The Quineys had three children, all of whom died without marrying. The Halls had one child, Elizabeth, who married twice but died without children in 1670, ending Shakespeare’s direct line. His will barely mentioned his wife who was probably entitled to one third for his estate

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