Summary of 'Shakespeare's Got Game'

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Summary: “Shakespeare’s Got Game” In the article “Shakespeare’s Got Game,” by Alicia Zadrozny we learn that Shakespeare is considered to be a major inspiration for modern day rappers and lyricists. Shakespeare was a popular poet and playwright. Even if writing styles and ‘norms’ have changed, Shakespeare has still left his mark on the modern English language. Shakespeare invented the language we see today whether you know it or not. The article states, “If you have ever used the words bloodsucking, dewdrop, watchdog, zany, and humpbacked, you can thank Shakespeare because he invented them” (Zadrozny 1). When comparing Shakespeare’s writings and hip-hop lyrics you will notice multiple things that are similar between the two. They are each both full of lyricism, poetry, and controversy. Shakespeare is more like the infamous rappers we hear today than most people would ever know; Kanye West, LL Cool J, Ludacris and Jay-Z are only a few of the many examples. In today’s music, hip-hop artists draw in on their audience through the lyrics. People relate to what they are saying in a verse, whether they are talking about politics, social status, discrimination, violence and much more. That is exactly what Shakespeare did, except Shakespeare did it first – about four century’s earlier. Shakespeare wrote about his world and what was going on in it. Macbeth is an example of Shakespeare writing about the world he lived in. In Macbeth, Shakespeare looks at both sides of leadership – the corrupt and the honest. We can find similar references in today’s lyrical world. Like 21st century hip-hop and R&B artists Shakespeare found a way to be controversial, and push the cultural limits of his time. In the article it explains, “Shakespeare filled his works with puns just as the hip-hop artists today do. Those references are where artists infuse their works with humor and
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