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Ms. Adams English Language Arts 514 21 Febuary 2013 Living Mudbound The novel, Mudbound, written by Hillary Jordan takes place on a Mississippi Delta farm during the summer of 1946. Hillary Jordan wrote the book completely in a first person perspective from all main characters. One of the main characters, Laura McAllan, is a middle-aged Mississippi farmwife who is raising her children on her husband Henry’s farm. Henry’s father Pappy lives at the residence with the family also. Florence Jackson works in Laura’s house as a caretaker who cooks and cleans. Florence Jackson and her family help Laura’s family with the duties of owning a farm. Florence takes care of the McAllan family in the house while the men of her family are sharecroppers. At this time in Mississippi, prejudice towards the Black population is still very apparent among the community. Henry’s brother Jamie McAllan has just returned from World War II and returned on the farm for a place to stay. While fighting in the army, Jamie encounters difficult sightings of death and combat and has developed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (P.T.S.D.). Jamie has almost every characteristic Henry’s lacking – good looks, charm and a way with his words. Laura notices this and constantly fights against herself to not say anything misleading while talking with Jamie. We are later introduced, to Ronsel Jackson. Ronsel is a very brave soldier who as well fought in the army. Even though Ronsel received the medals and pins to prove his bravery no one will congratulate him because of his color down in the Mississippi Delta. Blacks in this time are often mistreated, and limited from obtaining the rights of equality. A primary example is what happened in the General store. Ronsel put up a fight when confronted about not exiting the store through the back door. Later that evening Henry drove to Ronsel’s

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