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A lot of things destroy communities and families’; things like death or infidelity. What few people seem to realize is that drugs can also ruin families. This video describes one type of drug that ruins communities and peoples’ lives; METH. It goes into deeper understanding of how meth is deteriorating people slowly. This story begins looking at the state of Oregon’s addict population. One lady even mentioned that meth has destroyed the community, and needs to be destroyed by a bomb. Addicts and meth cookers try to go around all of the laws that are created, they find easier ways for them to get a high. “Shake and Bake” comes with dangers. It resembles small bomb because of the ingredients that come with it. When you are strung out, you are willing to go to any level to get that high. Some of the officers who had to book the addicts ended up collecting their booking photos to see how their physical experiences change over time. In 1992, Oregon was the main state with the most addicts, and 10 years later the number of addicts spread out to the east coast. Addicts…show more content…
I have family members who have addiction problems but none of them are addicted to meth. Most of them are actually alcoholics. In my opinion the idea of both alcohol and meth somewhat favor. Meth is a stimulant. People would be high with positive and happy feelings in whoever uses it, and then when it wears off those feelings become negative. With alcohol that “negative” feeling would be a hangover. I didn’t realize how much of an epidemic meth really is. Meth makes people do really crazy things. It’s like they abandon everything that life has to offer and people who really care about them. I agree with Oregon’s regulations of making people who need sudaphedrine get it prescribed because it cuts down access to this drug. If people really need it, all they would need to do is go to their doctor and ask for the

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