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Shadow The Leader Project In many young men and women’s lives they have one person they have always looked up to or maybe wanted to be just like. Well, of course I was no different and in this project I will tell you all about my role model and who I looked up to, when I was young, and still today. His name is Roger Hood. Roger is a nice guy about 5 foot 5 inches and weighing in at a lucky buck fifty. But don’t judge him by his size, he has always been my Sunday school teacher and a leader in my eyes. During our discussions, I discovered that Roger was a Theory X leader and mostly worked on his own. He never had anyone to boss around but he did lead a group of kids my age towards Christ. Followed up I asked what his vision was in what he did. He replied “My vision is to teach young men and women the wonderful gift of Jesus Christ.” This is one of the reason why I look up to him so much, is because I believe my calling in life is to be a youth pastor, and Roger has been a big influence on my decision making with what I have learned through his teachings. I remember when I was six years old and I was saved, and Roger Hood was sure enough there to have his hand on my back praying for me. I am very thankful to have a person like this in my life. He is a great example on how I want my life to be lived. In further discussion on his vision I asked him how he developed this vision. Wasn’t really by surprise, when he told me that it was from the lord speaking through him, and having God telling him to do ministry as his career. Before this conversation escaladed, I stopped him and told him that I thought God was calling me into ministry as well and he couldn’t help but to just look at me and smile, as he saw much of his childhood in me. Later on we started to talk about what motivates kids to go to youth group. He stated that the wonders of god

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