Shade Tree Mechanic Research Paper

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Willie A. Magby Thesis Statement: Skills are important if you need a Mechanic. I. The cheapest form of labor I can find to work on my vehicles is the Crack Head mechanic, but his skills are questionable. A. His shop is none existent. B. His tools will be antiquated and rusty. C. This will be a rush job; because he wants to get back to the crack house. D. The parts will be the cheap or stolen. E. The labor cost won’t be over five dollars. II. The Shade Tree mechanic has some skills, and he will work cheap. A. His best work is done in the summer under the shade tree. B. The tool bin at dollar general is where he bought his tools (cheap). C. Don’t expect him…show more content…
The shade tree mechanic will have some skills and possibly could have worked at a legitimate garage. The shade tree is a mobile mechanic, therefore he might be hard to find. You will have to call around, or ask friends and neighbors have they seen him. He will most likely be found in somebody yard under a tree drinking some beer. His favorite place practice his skills would be under a shade tree, but there are other locations he will work, as long as he can have a beer while he’s working. When he arrives to do the work, don’t expect to see high quality tools. His tools will range from the chrome valadium type, to those sold at home depot. If you look in his truck, you will probably see a wooden box for a ten bucket carrying his tools. The tools he has will be sufficient to complete the job. The work will be done at a moderate pace, because he’s still drinking the beer that he brought with him. If parts are needed for your repair; he will quickly head of the cheapest parts store. Keep in mind that this trip is going to cost you. Once the work is completed, you will never get a price on the shade tree mechanic. When you ask him, “How what do I owe you,” his is answer will be whatever you give me. You give him twenty dollars; pay him for the gas for going to get the part, and enough to buy a six pack of beer. He will be more than satisfied. The advantages and disadvantages of…show more content…
Of all the mechanics that are classified, this one can be the most unreasonable. His training came from reading magazines, going online to, and watching car repair shows on television. He think he knows more than what he actually does. His shop is a converted garage at his house. So tracking him down won’t be a problem. The location will be one of the biggest hindrances for both you and the mechanic. In addition to doing the car repairs, there are other projects that will take up this mechanic’s time. The “honey do list” will take first priority. Therefore, your vehicle could be there longer than expected. His shop will be immaculate, because this is an extension of his home. Don’t be surprise to see a refrigerator, microwave oven, television or a computer in his shop. His hand tools will be priced in the modest mid-level range. He most likely will have a nice set of Craftsman tools with the roller cabinet to store his precious wrenches. He will have a few diagnostic tools, pneumatic tools, and some circuit testers. One thing I like about the home Garage mechanic is, when it comes to parts, he isn’t shy about getting the best. Instead of shopping at auto zone, o’reilly, or advanced auto parts; he heads straight to N.A.P.A. (National Automotive Parts Association), where you can by the best parts for your money. He is doing this, because it will make him look more professional. When you

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