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Chumash Essay Out of all of the mitzvot in the holy torah, there are three mitzvot that pertain women. The mitzvot are Nidah, purity of the home, separation the Challah, which is the bread that we bake for the Shabbat, and lighting Shabbat candles, which we do to welcome in the Shabbat. Each of these mitzvot shows the holiness and devoutness of women, for the reason that they are from the miracles that took place in Sarah’s tent. Many of the miracles that happened in the Mishkan also came from the miracles that happened with Sarah in her tent, for example: the fresh bread, the menorah, and the shchina that hovered over. Each of these mitzvot show the spirituality of women because they come from Sarah’s tent. When Sarah passed away even though…show more content…
The lighting of candles officially marks the beginning of sacred time for the home or wherever you are dwelling (i.e. hotel, lodge ECT...), once candles are lit, any restrictions or observances of the holiday are in effect. The lighting of candles is a rabbinical mitzvah, rather than a mitzvah from the Torah. Rifkeh lit her candles before marriage. From her example we see what a three-year-old Jewish girl can do: she can stimulate lamps which will give out light for an entire week. Every modest Jewish girl who is old enough to value the meaning of what she is doing can reflect that light - by lighting candles every Friday, and before every festival. The more candles lit around the world, the…show more content…
The name Chanah is an acronym of the names of these three mitzvot Challah, Nidah, and Hadlakat Ha’n’er. In the Torah it talks about, Chanah, the mother of Shmuel, a prophet. Chanah is considered in Jewish belief to be a role model for women. Too Rebbetzin Chanah, the Rebbe’s mother, had all of these characteristics about her, this is what she was all about; Challah, Nidah and Hadlakah or 1) the separation of the challah from bread-dough and Kashrus in general, 2) the laws of family purity, and 3) kindling the Shabbat candles. They were both very holy and mashpia like people. These great women are examples of how the head of the house hold, the mother, is supposed to live their life. Every open breath they had, they used towards goodness and kindness, and ultimately for

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