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2011 Fall ETE Candidate Supply List Below is a list of the supplies needed for the Fall 2011 AAS Candidate class Extended Training Exercise. Every Candidate MUST have EVERY SINGLE ITEM on this list, or he or she is at liberty to void their participation in the event. Failure to bring every item necessary to complete the training can result in IMMEDIATE removal from Candidate Class! The current forecast for this Saturday to Sunday is in the low to mid-60s at night with a chance of rain. Rain or shine, the ETE will be carried out. ___ Water bottle (full upon arrival) ___ Working flashlight that is comfortably carried while running ___ At least one pair of extra pair of socks and undergarments that meets the uniform specifications (see below) ___ A pair of older clothing that is suitable to get dirty during a tactical march. This must include shoes that can get muddy, pants (preferably jeans), and a long-sleeved shirt or sweat shirt depending on the temperature ___ A pair of PT shorts and a DARK (preferably black) t-shirt that you will be using for water activities in a pool (it is also important to have the proper, dark colored undergarments as well). If no PT shorts have been issued to a candidate, they must have an additional pair of dark shorts that are able to get wet. ___ A towel to dry off with ___ A plastic bag to put wet clothes in ___ Any supplies needed to measure and mark boundaries for IDE completion ___ A watch – to be worn at all times ___ If you plan on wearing glasses, ensure that you have a glasses strap UOD (Everyone must be wearing this at the start of the ETE) ___ Plain white (or mostly white) t-shirt – if there are logos on it, be sure they are small and not distasteful. You may wear long or short-sleeve. ___ Predominately black shorts or pants ___ White socks that are not to extend over halfway between the ankle and

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