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SGA Application Oshin Rai 1. SGA President 2. I have experience already being a part of SGA last year as the 1st VP and I also have numerous other leadership positions in school such as president of my own club, Photography club and the list on the other paper. 3. As president I want to make sure Homecoming pans out right because it is one of the major things we are responsible for. I plan to keep also events organized and I would like to raise awareness of guidance counselors because I feel they play a crucial role for us but kids only realize that in junior year. 4. As many as needed. I’d estimate around 20 or so hours went into it this past year. 5. My role will affect others on the board as well as the school. The board I plan to work with effectively where everyone is a team player and shares equal responsibility. The school will be affected by my role because as a team we will plan events that all classes participate in and hopefully enjoy. 6. I was motivated to seek this position because I had experience being a part of SGA before. I enjoyed being a part of the team and now as a rising senior I would like to take on more responsibility because I know I can handle it. I’ve seen the work that goes into planning some of these events and I’m kind of OCD so organization and responsibility come hand in hand there. I also know it is pretty stressful at times but I’m more than eager to be a part of it again. 7. I also wanted to get involved because my class motivated me. Many times, the opinions of our students go unheard and as president of SGA I want to make sure that’s not a problem any longer. 8. I feel this leadership position is important because it represents the whole school body, has immense responsibility attached to it and also requires interaction with our administration frequently as well visitors. I would

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