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Case Study Analysis Activity Title: American 191 Name: Date: 20 Apr 2012 Cause(s) of Accident (Two to four paragraphs identifying the probable causes of the accident.) The causes for this aircraft accident, identified in the National Transportation Safety Board(NTSB) Aircraft Accident Report(AAR) 79-17, shows that just after the aircraft reached takeoff speed the number one engine and pylon assembly separated from the wing. When this pylon separated it also pulled a three foot section from the leading edge of the left wing. As previously mentioned the aircraft had already obtained take off speed and continued to takeoff. The aircrew was under the impression at the time that the engine had only failed. Due to the engine being separated this effected the systems/accessories that were attached to the number one engine. These affected systems were the number one hydraulic system, which is powered by the number one engine, failed as well; the number one electrical bus failed, causing pilot instruments to go out, the stick shaker, and the slat disagreement sensors to go out as well. Due to the hydraulic system loss that controls the Leading Edge Flaps(LEF), the slats on the left wing retraced under the air load. This retraction of the left wing LEF caused a full left wing aerodynamic stall. The stall caused the aircraft to rapidly roll to the left entering a steep unrecoverable dive as the aircraft crashed into an open field at the end of the runway. Structural and Mechanical Factors (Two to four paragraphs identifying the structural and mechanical factors involved in this accident.) The structural factors of this are centered around the improper maintenance performed on the aircraft. The improper maintenance of using a forklift to remove the engine and pylon as one caused excessive stress on the structure. This excessive stress caused a small

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